The arrow of time moves forward without stopping. It wipes off and unifies the confusion of the interactions between people, objects, and phenomena. I accept the present as a web of ‘here and now’ rather than an arrow of time with the past, the present, and the future. This moment, as an extraordinary one, is the aspiration of many. Many different recipes for its experience have been created. The creative process is a personal journey to a very close and at the same time unreachable moment: the here and now.

My work resembles the crumbs of phenomena that are pulled out of everyday life. By freezing them in paint, capturing them in objects, temporary installations, video and performance art, I seek to create the kind of fossils – the artifacts of reality. Artifacts, as documents, reflect the daily routine that involves the viscous relationships between people, situations, and phenomena. I am not limited to one art practice in my work. Often, the topic itself provokes the materials used in creation. In Artifacts, I record a problematic triangle of man, nature, and medicine.

Objects, paintings, and performance art practices are a personal atlas of everyday stories and encounters with people. When it comes to imposed and self-made scenarios, I am continuously surprised by how we constantly romanticize our environments.

Lukas Kolmogorcevas


2017 Art Educator Diploma Vytautas Magnus University

2008 MFA, Visual art, Vilnius Art academy, Lithuania

2006 BFA, Visual art, Vilnius Art academy, Lithuania

2004 Studies in Miguel Hernandez University, Spain


Solo exhibitions:

2022 Trauma, Kaunas Artists House, Kaunas, Lithuania

2020  Nature Pattern Studies, Manor Gallery, Kaišiadoriai, Lithuania   

2019 Nervous System, Art Park Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania 

2014 Testimonies, Homo Ludens, Jonava, Lithuania.

2009 Monoimpulses II, Art Container Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia     

 2008 Monoimpulses, Ferrodrum Gallery, Tartu, Estonia

 2007 Autofragments, Vinco Kudirkos Library Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

 2004 Pintura-Dibujo, C.B.Oliete Gallery, Alicante, Spain


Solo Art performance:

2022 No Man’s Land, Ostralle Biennale, Kaunas, Lithuania

History of Artefact No7. Bed’s Art Performance Festival, Athens, Greece

2021 ONE DAY LUCK WILL COME, Ostralle Biennale, Drezden, Germany

2020 Home, Home Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

          Signs, Homo Ludens Gallery, Jonava, Lithuania

2019 Moon Phases, Performance festival Creature, Kaunas, Lithuania


Group Art Performance:

2022 Synergy, Kedainiai Culture House, Lithuania

2021  Safe and Sound, ORO Public Space Performance Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania

2020  Listing a Book, ORO Public Space Performance Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania

          Left and Right, Diverse Universe Performance and Art festival, Parnu, Estonia

2018 Love Is, International performance project Equinox, Kaunas, Lithuania


Selected group exhibinions (from 2010):

2023 Holy, Drobė Gallery, Kaunas

          Holy, Janina Monkutė Marks Gallery, Kėdainiai, Lithuania

 2021 Invasion, Alytus Culture Centre, Alytus, Lithuania

          Paint and Become, Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania

2020 Un- Determinated, Vilnius Art Biennal, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 Harakyri, Homo Ludens Gallery, Jonava, Lithuania

2017 Imago Mundi, Art Park Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania              

2016  Spots II, Homo Ludens, Jonava, Lithuania          

           Visual, Pamenkalnio Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

           Hornet Honey, Homo Ludens, Jonava, Lithuania

           Personal Mythologhy, Ukmerge Culture Centre, Ukmerge, Lithuania

  2014 Spots, Homo Ludens, Jonava, Lithuania     

  2012 Kaunas in Art, M.K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

  2011 Videoatmosphere, Independence Square, Kaunas, Lithuania

            5 Senses of Vilnius, Gedimino Street Scquare, Vilnius, Lithuania

            Museum Nights, Raudondvaris Manor Gallery, Raudondvaris, Lithuania

   2010 Antipop, VDU Art Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

            At This Side of Painting, Art Park Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

















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